Get fast, reliable wireless Internet so you can stream your favorite shows, play the hottest games with no buffering or interruption and connect with family and friends on Skype. With VDD Broadband, you’re just a click away.

Where you live shouldn’t determine how you live.

Whether you live in a suburban or rural area, VDD helps keep you and your family connected with the people and things you value most.

  • Surf the web
  • Download music
  • Play games and stream your favourite movies and shows with fast in-home WiFi from VDD Broadband.
Now you can have the fastest Internet connection available for all your devices
What is Ethernet Over Fixed Wireless?

Ethernet over Fixed Wireless harnesses the performance of wireless while eliminating the risks. Each installation is custom-built according to the unique signal-path conditions at your location. Even the weather is accounted for. Combined with carrier-class hardware and redundant power supplies, your VDD Broadband Enterprise Services connection is built to stay online even when the primary providers are not.

Our symmetrical high-speed offering (with speeds up to 1Gbps) is optimized for mission-critical applications including voice, video and cloud. Installations take a fraction of the time of wireline solutions.

VDD Broadband Service provides a variety of solutions for your company’s size and service needs. Find the one that’s right for you.

Fibre all the way makes all the difference. Would you like fast, super fast, or the fastest?

VDD fibre to the building (FTTB) and Fibre to the home (FTTH) is unlike any other broadband experience. No traffic jams, no throttling, no limits. Just the SA's fastest residential and business broadband , delivering closest to actual speeds advertised.

How VDD Fibre works

Most "fibre broadband" services are not Fibre Broadband. They are fibre-and-copper: fibre optic cabling from the exchange to your street, then copper phone wires into your building. And that copper really spoils the fun. As a technology, it's 140 years old.

VDD fibre to the building (FTTB) broadband delivers a next-generation future-proof network, enabling limitless possibilities for your business online. By taking fibre all the way to your building, you gain access to a faster, more consistent and dependable connection. Improve efficiency and staff productivity and keep ahead of the competition. No interruption, no restrictions, no equal.

  • Effortlessly keep multiple users connected.
  • Transfer large files quickly with consistently fast uploads – Low Contention.
  • 24/7 real-time network monitoring and business support
  • SLAs with money back guarantees
Terms and Conditions:.
  • Subject to Network Feasibility
  • Interim wireless solution available, subject to coverage
  • Interim wireless solution priced at Retail list price