For Business, Schools and Home Users

The days are long gone where you could afford to not have some form of virus and spam protection installed on your home computer or network machine. Malicious users are not only targeting multinational organisations but can strike against Jane Doe at home or even a student accessing a university computer.

We specialise in providing a complete IT solution customised for the needs of home networks, businesses, and educational institutions. With security threats evolving at an incredible rate, it is vital that you have a professional and specialist IT team on your side.

Visual Data Discovery provides the following managed services
  • Anti-virus – Desktop security features offers protection against viruses, malware, and other malicious software
  • Anti-spam – Say goodbye to those Nigerian heir emails and other spam with our sophisticated filters
  • Backups – Backup all your important data and ensure you can access everything you need following a system failure, computer damage, or a break-in.
Contact one of our friendly and experienced consultants to find out how best we can design an IT security solution to fit your unique requirements.