Redefining the economics of IT

    IT leaders are experiencing a once-in-a-career perfect storm, with unprecedented levels of technology disruption and increasing expectations from digitally savvy stakeholders revolutionizing the role of IT. To adapt to this new world, enterprise IT must optimize and streamline core systems while also innovating the business with digital technologies.

    To succeed at both, businesses must deliver IT in new ways with a cloud-first approach and managed services. Visual Data Discovery can help redefine the economics of IT so you can maximize efficiency, increase agility and have the freedom to innovate.

    Is your organization ready to capitalize on the new economics of IT?

    “Visual Data Discovery is a flexible managed service and digital expertise in the Microsoft ecosystem help us maintain a rhythm of innovation that differentiates us in a highly competitive market.”

    Sharron Marco Director of IT

    Benefits to your business

    This new model of technology delivery is only achievable with a cloud-first approach and managed services. With this approach you can optimize the running of your core IT systems to save time and expense that can be used to innovate faster with digital technologies.

    Critical to achieving a New Economics of IT is modernization. Visual Data Discovery approach to helping organizations modernize is holistic, spanning the entire IT environment and catering for on premises, cloud and hybrid deployment models. Our methodology is underpinned by three key modernization approaches: Application Modernization, Infrastructure Modernization and Workplace Modernization. .

    “Visual Data Discovery has the know-how, the Microsoft expertise, and the innovative spirit we needed to successfully undertake a project of this magnitude and to deliver a solution with higher benefits and more security than we previously had.”

    Markus Petrak Corporate Director, Integrated Business Solutions