Microsoft Office 365

With Microsoft Office 365 you no longer need to worry about using only one machine to access your important documents, spreadsheets, email, and presentations.Designed to provide powerful solutions to home, business, and school configurations, Office 365 gives you access to any possible document feature you could need. Best of all, you can access it using just about any device whether it is a Windows machine or an iPhone.

If you are looking for the best way to take advantage of the various features and benefits of Microsoft Office 365 then give us a call to speak to one of our expert consultants.

Why Choose 365?
  • Microsoft Office applications can be accessed via mobile devices and are automatically updated
  • Access to advanced email functionality and the ability to share calendars with your contacts
  • The ability to host a conference or group call where you can share screens and take notes in real time
  • File sharing features that allow more than one user to work on a project or document
  • Advanced security features and settings
Office 365 for Biusiness

Microsoft Office 365 can take your business to the next level by improving your productivity and giving you access to solutions and new ways of doing things that your competitors might not have.

With Office, your software is continually updated behind the scenes so you are always using the latest version. All your employees have mobile access to the latest Office apps and collaboration is a breeze with all the new features that Microsoft developed.

Office 365 in Schools

Using Microsoft Office 365 for School enables educational institutions to provide students with free access to all the benefits of Office, while on the move. Students and teachers get free anytime, anywhere access to their favourite Office applications so coursework becomes a thing they can focus on and not how they should do it.

The expert VDD consultants can provide the training and support you need for a more collaborative learning environment. So give us a call today and provide the power of Office on mobile devices and traditional computers for all your learners and faculty members today.

What Is Office 365?

Eligible charities can receive donated and discounted subscriptions to Office 365 Nonprofit directly through Visual Data Discovery.

And while you do not need to know all the technical details of what this entails, it is essentially about running any application from any devices from anywhere in the world. This means that you have access to personal photos, work documents, and university assignments wherever you find yourself.

How Can My Organization Benefit from Using Office 365?

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