Living Wage

Sufficient income to enable workers to meet the basic needs of their families.

Living Wage

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What is a Living Wage?

A living wage is a sufficient income that enables workers to meet the basic needs of their families. Living wages would include access to clean drinking water, healthy food, decent housing, safe and reliable transportation, and affordable healthcare. With their basic needs met, families will be able to enjoy secure and improved livelihoods, and more fully engage with society.

Family Focused

A living wage is not just focused on individuals, it is meant to support an entire family. With a living wage, a family can enjoy a secure and sustainable livelihood.

Different than Minimum Wage

Minimum wage is the lowest wage that employers can pay their employees. Unlike living wages, the minimum wage does not necessarily enable families to meet all of their basic needs. While it aims to reduce poverty, the minimum wage is too low, and often leaves workers and their families with insecure livelihoods.

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